Birzhevaya Square. 12 centurty

“The Scream”of salvation!

(Do not Munch!)


Moscow. Archeology. The wall of the White City. 1590 year. “The Scream” — 2017.


Moscow had 3 defensive circle systems.  The inner circle is the Kremlin itself, the middle system was  the wall of Kitay Gorod. 3rd defensive circle was the wall with the towers ( gateways) of the White City.

The white-stone wall of White city  began to be built in 1590 at the behest of Boris Godunov. The architect Fedor Kon was in charge of the construction. According to the reviews of many foreign travelers, it was not only a really strong  defensive structure, but also  an outstanding architectural work that formed the unique appearance of Moscow.
However, under the decree of Catherine II in the 1790s, the wall and towers of the White City were dismantled and the present boulevards (boulevard ring) were formed in their place.


During the construction works this year at the depth of about 3-4 meters on Khokhlovskaya Square were found the remains of the wall (basement?) Of the White City. This fragment will become the dominant of the amphitheater, built on the site of this find.


During the reconstruction works imposed on the city in Moscow, other unique archaeological finds were discovered. So literally 500 meters from the Red Square (the Kremlin) on Birzhevaya Square a wooden house of the 13th century, objects dating back to the 12th century, were discovered. These unique archaeological finds in a new way reveal the history of Moscow and its trade relations. On the Birzhevaya  Square, the foundations of the Church of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin in the courtyard of the Iosif-Volotsky Monastery, built in stone in 1558, were also revealed.






However, the city authorities and the chief archaeologist (in the photo), in spite of the given  promises on the site of these unique finds of the 13th-16th centuries for Moscow, to equip the archaeological museum, will construct … .. a fountain.

The sand is poured on the site of the wooden log (house). Remains of the stone foundation are prepared for  sand filling.


Destruction of the archaeological excavation occurred on the day of the Archaeologist — June 15, which is celebrated in Russia.


Photo  “The Scream” of salvation — is  a protest  against the outrageous decision, including, and, if it could be say so, the Chief Archaeologist of Moscow on the destruction of a unique historical and archaeological monument. In fact, it is necessary to talk about the criminal destruction of historical memory and spirituality for the sake of …. Most of the thinking readers, who at least analyze the «work» of the Moscow authorities, understand perfectly well-to what!


«It’s painful for me to talk about this today, but I must say this.» Today, Russian society is experiencing a clear deficit of spiritual  joints «(President of RF,» Appeal to the Federal Assembly, «December 2012). Here they are, however …


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